Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Surb Is a City?

Well, a good question to ask in light of musings in the real estate world about what exactly constitutes a city anyway - when the suburbs surrounding some of our major cities are becoming increasingly populated. With condo and apartment buildings, of all things. With manufactured 'centers' (of sorts). Often with the help of some business lingo hoping to make sense of the sense of a community.

Because many if not most cities as we usually know them have the advantage of recognizable centers, a 'downtown'. What's downtown in an area full of high rise 'homes'? Ideally living spaces that are near good transportation. I'm looking at page 10 of the New York Times for Sunday Dec. 18/16, headlined The New Suburbia. (Real Estate section of course). It puts the rose on such developments occurring largely in the outlying New York Metropolitan areas and points to a 'shift' in attitudes towards such options.

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