Tuesday, February 8, 2022

February Follies


        Not exactly a folly to feel captivated by the New York Times cooking column. (see previous notes) The almost-daily review of their editorial suggestions on recipes and assorted cultural artifacts online is comforting, even at a distance. There is the  thrill of imagining the results should you, eager reader whether hungry or not, seek to bring forth by creative action something both visually and sensually stimulating. Often that is enough to mend the day's listless mood. The mind's eye takes over from descriptions (and photographs) on the page.  Long live vicarious living and all that. Such are the needs of pandemic days when everyone, each in his/her own way, feels trapped in a lull:  past, present, future. Where do we invest our energy? 

Bring on the wintry chill, then get to love: French Union-Braised Lamb Shanks with Barley and Greens and/or Roasted Orange Chicken

Take refuge/heart from whatever is near.

It isn't a mystery why an obsession with recipes is so strong, especially during pandemic light (or whatever the current phase should be called).  It gives the feel of connection - with lovely and varied tastes, and with others equally engaged in productive efforts.