Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miami Miasma

Surely everything about Miami is a contradiction, beginning with its very existence. (I leave you to check Wikipedia or elsewhere for that great story.) But who would expect modern day restaurant codes to follow suit? Namely, a new high-end and literally sky-high eatery called Juvia, atop a parking garage on famed Lincoln Road, requires 'gentlemen' clients to wear only 'closed' shoe styles. An elegant leather sandal is entirely off limits, as my party found recently. Women, however, can come in almost naked in whatever shoe they wish and it sometimes seems that is about all they wear to show off their bodies. Shorts for men seem ok as well. Keeping off the riff-raff of the streets may be the reason but it's also reasonable to think a law suit could be in order here (as litigious action seems to be the rule everywhere these days).