Thursday, April 21, 2016


CV: A splendid bird preying on the delights offered best in large urban settings.
This week in DC, April 17-23 for instance - Filmfest (International scenes and themes); play reading and discussion about Jews and Catholics in a Corner Store arts center (donation basis); jazz at Library of Congress by 82-year-old South African pianist marvel Abdullah Ibrahim with brilliant 'sidekicks'; lecture on plants in NY's Central Park at US Botanical Garden; Shakespeare's birthday at The Folger..
Enough  to make my point? Washington DC no longer the city with Northern charm and Southern efficiency - except, dear readers and commiserators, ayr Metro and that is partly a problem stemming from our dependency on the US Congress which fears giving us the freedom to vote Democratic...

Now just for fun, notes about the plants of Central Park , that bountiful city treasure - 843 acres, 2 1/2 miles long by  3/4 mile wide with five bodies of water, numerous woodlands and wetlands and meadows and 40 million visits a year. Think plantings (not trees) and you have 1148 specimens among 554 species: native, non-native and waifs Some of their names are a song or maybe characters in an old-fashioned drama: honesty, patience dock, trout lily, fox grape. Even cantaloupe and fig leaf gourd. Who knew or could have imagined the variety now being compiled by botanists in that realm.
Don't expect to go picking up fruit for your next meal, however. Many are elusive, some shy. 

Metro Soundings #2

 Never say never... but the squabbling  over DC Metro funding seems to be the ultimate long sad story about transportation hubris. A never ending pass-the-buck between and among the various government parties involved. I beg those interested in the subject to look at the New York Times article today  - April 21/16 -on page A24 regarding New York's moves to shore up and improve  M.T.A. Lots of chest pounding, of course, amid uncertainties but overall  there is the notion of progress lurking in comments about action on a capital funding plan by the innumerable agencies involved.  
Meto DC currently offers riders the chance to fill out surveys while the violins are playing....