Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Number Ten Come and Nearly Gone

         Which is what happens when the world erupts in turmoil and a person's everyday life shrinks in comparison.

    How Oct. 7 will be forever marked on the calendar of humankind's indescribable inhumanity to man (women, children, the sick and old, even the unborn). Who knows the consequences beyond whatever the curse of the gods sends down - and allows mere underlings to blame whomever  they chose.

    It may seem to have taken a tremendous  ego drive  this month to want to travel forthwith on a 'trip-for-no-reason' to a Mediterranean country blessedly free at the moment (and for past decades) of strife - beyond, that is, an election to office of Spain's political leader.  To take time off to share in positivity, the attitude of living life to the fullest in a minimalist way. That is - to enjoy each day on its own with no expectations  and no connection to the tragedies taking place elsewhere.