Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's In A Word?

There's no telling where the word urban will turn up these days. Fashion powerhouse Donna Karan now seeks a niche with something she calls Urban Zen.  Turns out (Business pages say) it comes with a foundation attached and may be the compensation for giving up the name brand that the French luxury empire LVMH once acquired for $143 million, according to reports.
Here is her pitch, if you can decipher the print.  It's mindful living with a wardrobe attached:

Urban Zen is a philosophy of living by Donna Karan. It is the calm in the chaos of life. A way of giving. An effortless dance of emotion, personality and lifestyle. Timeless. Seasonless. Endlessly expressive. A connection of mind, body and spirit. Touched and inspired by cultures and craftsmen from around the world.
Our stores offer a unique collection of luxurious women and men’s apparel, one-of-a-kind jewelry, handcrafted leather pieces, artisan furniture and home decor, as well as other soulful objects of desire. Urban Zen’s products are developed in partnership with artisans who align with our soulful economy mission.

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