Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Booked or Spooked

No, not booked as in jailed - but ordinarily someone leaving a bookstore without paying for an item might end up that way. This is rather a story that might be labeled 'morals for a modern city' - when a customer discovers that by mistake she has walked out of the store with a book she didn't pay for.
And then returns the book she didn't pay for. (She had bought another one, paid for one, and then found there were two different titles in the bag.) Understandable perhaps; it can happen if a clerk who is processing the credit card puts two books in the bag but in a moment of forgetfulness only remembers to charge one of them. It can happen...
When later the 'free' book got returned, the clerk minding the register remarks he never has had such a thing happen in all his years on the job. Never has someone voluntarily returned an item that wasn't paid for. So think about this: that it must be very easy in some independent book stores (not willing to pay for surveillance) to lose a lot of stock that way. Think harder: what are today's morals if someone decides to keep the (accidentally) stolen goods?

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