Wednesday, June 7, 2023

June Too Soon


    In a pre-Solstice wave of decent weather (ie no or low humidity), the wildfires in eastern Canada plaguing the East Coast  the have sent a reminder that changing climate conditions are ever with us to 'temper' the most sanguine of minds. Smoky haze, high pollution counts. Bye bye to blue. And yet, pleasant surprises are ever with us, too. A person can always find reason to celebrate in new ways. Hence,  on June 2, my seemingly inconsequential but remarkable trip home to DC from the MSP  airport in an all-new A321N (NEO - yes, the proper title) Delta aircraft. Two weeks old and the first time transporting commercial passengers. An overhead interior filled with soothing soft checkerboard patterned ceiling; wider aisles; quieter sound.  All together a novel experience. I felt compelled to celebrate - to ask for a bubbly drink. The attendant happily obliged with a small tall can of sparkling wine produced by an all-women California enterprise, appropriately titled 'Femme.'  See photos...

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